Firm Overview

The Forty-Three Group, LLC, has over 35 years of accounting and 23 years of tax experience. We provide comprehensive, professional services for small business, tax-exempt organizations and individual clients. We are committed to working closely with our clients and being a valuable member of their financial team. From accounting and payroll services to tax services and consulting, we deliver creative, proactive, and cost-effective solutions to help our clients achieve their distinct business and financial goals.

Complete accounting services tailored to your specific needs.

Our mission

Our goal at The Forty-Three Group LLC is to help our clients direct their passion, creativity and efforts into the success of their businesses by helping shoulder the necessary burden of their accounting and tax requirements.


Lorraine Kirbawy has been an accountant since 1978 and an enrolled agent since 1999. She has been preparing taxes professionally since 1993. She has worked for various churches and tax preparation services as an accountant and tax preparer and spent fifteen years in a small accounting firm serving in turn as office manager, payroll manager and personal tax manager.

Her experience in the world of non-profit accounting has been enhanced by serving as Treasurer on the boards of various area tax-exempt organizations.

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